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We’ve opted for a graduated membership process so that new members can ease themselves into the community and acclimatize to the idea of becoming a member of the group and project.

1. Social Membership

The idea of the Social Membership is to get familiar with the cohousing group and to get familiar with our members with no commitment or financial investment. Simply come, learn, listen, be social, and decide whether or not this is a good fit for you!

2. Become an Associate Member

If you’re still interested in Cohousing after at least 6 months, the next step would be to become an Associate Member.  The fee for an associate membership is $500 and is non-refundable. The membership fee serves as both a commitment of finances and helps to facilitate meeting expenses such as room rentals, coffee, and supplies.  Associate members are invited to attend New West Cohousing meetings (excluding financial) and get a better understanding of the interworking of the Cohousing model. Associate members are not able to vote on meeting proceedings.

3. Become an Equity Member

As the group continues to grow and the project progresses, we will have many socials and events where you can continue to get to know your future neighbours.  

Once you are ready to make the commitment to the community and the project, the next step would be to become an Equity Member. As an Equity Member, you will gain the right to vote at group decisions. The fee for an equity membership is TBD but will be non-refundable. The membership fee pays for expenses associated with consultants, bank fees, and communication costs.  Equity members are privy to the communities expenses and will receive an accounting receipt every thee months.

Once a property has been obtained, a one-time non-refundable payment may be required to secure your placement in the queue to purchase your condo in the project.  The deposit will be held in trust towards the purchase of your unit.  The groups financial committee will also schedule a meeting to review your finances and ensure that your household can undertake this financial commitment.

Learn how to join!

New West Cohousing is currently accepting new membership applications. Join the Mailing List to receive our communications and learn more about joining!