The Project

It is getting increasingly difficult for people to live and remain in New Westminster as the traditional options for family housing move further out of the reach of average BC households. The concept of Cohousing proposes an alternative to traditional housing developments, where a group of individuals come together to undertake the development of their own building. The costs of Cohousing are reduced since developer profit margins and marketing expenses are eliminated, allowing these cost savings to result in lower priced units for average families in BC. Our goal is to develop an affordable model of living for a diverse range of families, empty-nesters, and singles where the responsibilities of building maintenance, child minding, landscaping, and pet sitting can be equitably distributed amongst the community. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to build, finance, and reside in a fun, livable space with a group of like-minded people who value inclusivity, a sense of community, and the environment. We envision New West Cohousing as an active community of approximately 20 households who participate in various social activities, while balancing the need for individual space and privacy.


We expect that the first year will be getting to know each other and work on defining our needs as a group through monthly membership meetings and social events. After this, the community will predominantly set the pace. We hope to have a completed project within the next 5 years, by 2024.